Rehearsal Letter (2021)

A filmed studio session for transmediale x CTM 2021, Frances Scott and Tom Richards bring their respective film and sound practices together as they develop the soundtrack for Scott's forthcoming work Wendy, a film fan-letter to composer and electronic music pioneer Wendy Carlos.

The commissioned studio session reinterprets pages from Carlos' original scores for Timesteps and Theme from A Clockwork Orange (Beethovania) (1971) using the Mini Oramics machine that Tom Richards built in 2016. Mini Oramics is based on an unrealised 1976 design by British composer and inventor Daphne Oram. It is a musical interface that allows the composer to draw graphic scores on clear film rolls, which are then read directly by the machine, creating 'drawn sound synthesis'.

rehearsal letter is published alongside a conversation between Scott and Tom Richards with transmediale curator Ben Evans James.

Frances Scott and Tom Richards

Courtesy of the artists