I Heard Talking is Dangerous (2022)

“How is it that we feel connected to other people? Can these moments be retroactively induced, and if so, what is the code of intimacy? And how does it relate to digital code? Lauren Lee McCarthy deals with questions like these. Her practice has roots in the digital, and the artist's performances and web-pieces reach far into the physical world. […]

Yet McCarthy has always alluded to something darker, something harder to understand. There is a fundamental dialectic in her work. Isn't being watched also a kind of being part of a greater whole? Isn't it also a form of closeness, albeit a simulated one? This is not an intuitive or easily digestible insight, but the world cannot simply be divided into bad technology and good, genuine human proximity, or whatever the cultural pessimistic juxtapositions are at the moment. […]

—Excerpts from press release by Philipp Hindahl
Lauren Lee McCarthy

Lauren Lee McCarthy and
Ben Evans James

Johann Jakob

Eike Walkenhorst