Leaks (Forthcoming)

Leaks traverses the watery architectures created by human pharmaceutical secretions; of drugs flushed through our bodies into rivers, lakes and oceans.

By tracing the underwater network formed by waste anti-depressants, the film constructs an understanding of human bodies at the surface that have been rendered exhausted and anxious by contemporary capitalism. In order to visualise alternate futures unbound from these conditions, the film traces the chemical trail deeper into the marine ecosystem into microbes and fish. As the drugs we consume transforms their bodies into ours, the film questions how new forms of alliance between human and non-human might bring alternate social realities into being.

With thanks: 
Dr. Max Haiven, Prof. Beryl Graham, Dr. Roger Mollot, Sumeep Bath, Madeline Stanley

Supported by:

Mitacs (Can)
Lakehead University (Can)
IISD (Can)

UK Research & Innovation (UK)

University of Sunderland (UK)