On A Clear Day You Can See The Revolution From Here (2020)

World Premiere | Visions du Réel
North American Premiere | MoMA New York
European Premiere | Sheffield Doc Fest 
Distribution | Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre

On A Clear Day You Can See the Revolution From Here excavates layers of myth, geology and technology to reveal the shifting fault lines between a government, its people and their land.

The film brings into focus contemporary processes of nation building and myth-making in Kazakhstan through an expansive journey across the remnants of Soviet technological infrastructures that haunt the country’s landscape. Shot on 16mm, the camera is drawn across the landscape taking in locations that include mineral mines, the Eurasian Steppe, the STS decommissioned nuclear site and the newly constructed city of Nur-Sultan.

On A Clear Day You Can See the Revolution From Here provides a meditative faux observational film about the continual process of construction involved in nationhood and national identity.

Ben Evans James
Emma Charles

In collaboration with:
Duman Nursila
Sebastian Kite

Composer: Simon Goff
Sound: Michał Maletz
Colour: Natalia Jaeger

With thanks:
Arts Council England,
The Elephant Trust, Film Shed, Splice London, CFMDC,
LOM Audio & Cinelab