It is Difficult to Insult a Guilty Person (2021)

In Indications of Guilt, pt.1, artist and researcher Maud Craigie examines the structures of American police interrogation and their relationship to fictional screen representations of law enforcement.

The film asks what it means to be familiar with legal processes through television before experiencing them in real life. Bringing together interviews with detectives, false confession experts, footage from TV series, and police training videos, Craigie reveals the interplay between fact and fiction in detective work and the subjectivity that constructs ‘truth’.

‘It Is Difficult to Insult a Guilty Person’ is a conversation between artist Maud Craigie Ben Evans James and can be read here on the transmediale website.
Maud Craigie
Ben Evans James

Netta Peltola

Maeve O’Neill

transmediale 2022

Luca Girardini and Maud Craigie